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Calabash Kennels & Cattery is owned and managed by Linda Meumann and Bob Hickman. Calabash Kennels & Cattery was first opened in 1989.

Our luxury accommodation was named Arcadia Boarding Kennels. The present owners purchased the property in 1997 renaming it Calabash Kennels.

Linda ……..

I grew up in the country surrounded by animals. I then spent a few years in the heart of Sydney and have now returned back to what I love best – looking after my best friends. For me, the most important part of owning and running the kennels & cattery is ensuring that all our guests go home happy and contented.

Calabash Kennels has grown substantially and has a high level of occupancy.

Why? Because of our referrals from veterinarians (some of whom place their pets in our care) and from our loyal regular clients. All our facilities boast fully ducted reverse cycle airconditioning. The underfloor heating is a must in winter & keeps all the guests snuggly warm. All facilities have wonderful well thought out playareas that keep the guests occupied. The water centre is a highlight for all dogs who like to have a splash or those who just like to paddle. The day care dogs have an option when they stay for a splash, scentwork or walk for their extra activity. We offer a varied menu for all guests if they choose not to partake in the regular fare.
All of our fantastic staff have been carefully chosen for their love of animals, attention to detail and work ethic. Several years ago I went into our (at the time) local butcher who told me in shocked tones that the previous customer was a little nutty and allowed the dogs to sleep on the bed. Shock, horror I thought as I walked out of the butchers shop. I know where my dogs sleep.

about_bgCalabash Kennels & Cattery operates on the simple philosophy that your pet should leave here in as good a condition, or better, than when your pet arrived.

Over the last several years I have noticed a change in peoples attitudes towards their pets. They no longer feel embarrassed to acknowledge their dogs or cats birthday and admit they do sleep inside the house, maybe even on the bed.

We have spared no expense whilst upgrading the cattery, building The Lodge & The Retreat & providing extensive interactive playareas; this all reflects peoples attitudes and needs for their pets and it has been our goal to meet these. We hope that our facilities will provide a benchmark for others to follow to allow all pets that are boarded to enjoy their experience away from home, be respected, cared for & loved

We feel that we have the best small kennel & cattery in Sydney.

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Thanks Linda for being so kind.
It makes a huge difference , knowing that you are looking after Max … In fact if you weren’t available. I wouldn’t be on holidays … if I can return that kindness please let me know … I have given up on the dacchies, they are actually quite good at home and have an acre to run around in and that seems to keep them busy.. On the plus side, they do get under your skin a bit and I miss them when they are not around
… Thank God , they are no bigger !Thanks Linda.I’m sooo pleased to have found you too, and it was Prue and her mum who recommended you, as I was on a mission and found their cattery first.I can’t tell you how great its been to know I can have absolute faith in Calabash who have provided a gem of a service in every way possible. Tip top care, and lots of love and fuss, professionally and securely managed with great attention to detail. It’s enabled Allan and I to visit so many places throughout all states in Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Lord Howe Island, Tasmania….! You were there for me in an emergency last January when I was back in the UK within 48hrs and the boys stayed in the posh pony stable for a while, and this last ‘bitter sweet’ holiday for the boys whereby you are so kindly preparing them for their long haul journey and waving them off on my behalf…It was sad to see the boys trot off up your drive for the last time and I’m going to miss seeing you all. Please keep in touch and I’ll be sure to send you some pics of the boys playing in their much smaller UK garden… I wonder if Jolly Jazz and Dashing Darcy will remember it?! Magic Minstrel will miss running round the swimming pool barking at liazards and Tinker Tomah will miss swimming like an otter… It’s going to be tough for us all I fear… But Allan and I will be there waiting for their delivery to our home, and hopefully the joy of seeing us again will help them overcome their long journey and smaller garden without a pool!One fun thing, did Bob tell you we also live in Guildford area (small hamlet called Christmas Pie) and my son lives 25mins away in the village of Godalming – where I also worked for many years… Small world!Must go – now in Beecroft for a last lasagne and dropping in on the posh pussies for a quick cuddle a bit later…..Let me know when the boys have been collected and I’ll be tracking them right through and across the world ……Thanks again Linda and all of your team…..
Margaret xx

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to thank you and the crew for doing such a fantastic job looking after Keyson and Ginger. I know they have a fabulous time during their stay.