27 Calabash Road – Arcadia

27 Calabash Road, Arcadia

If you want a touch of country and to be able to give your pets some peace and fresh air, Arcadia and Calabash Kennels & Cattery in beautiful Arcadia is the place to be.

We offer a tranquil, rural setting with a wide variety of plants, walks and wonderful vistas for yourself and your pets.

Arcadia also offers a number of tourism facilities including:

Vision Valley Conference and Recreation Centre, gorgeous parks, excellent Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, trail walks, numerous Galleries, first class Nurseries and other relaxing activities


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Arcadia is well known for Fagan Park, a large landscaped park with an historic house, picnic areas and walks. It offers the popular “Garden of Many Nations”, which showcases themed gardens including a Japanese, Meditation and Traditional English representation.

Why not come and visit us at Calabash Kennels & Cattery and inspect our beautiful facilities – and take some time to explore the stunning Hills District area.

27 Calabash Rd Arcadia NSW 2159
ph: (02) 9655 1624
email: linda@calabashkennels.com.au

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Dear Linda and everyone at Calabash,
Just a little note to thank you for looking after Tuscany so well. I really appreciate your dedication, understanding and patience, particularly with all the phone calls.

Thank you again from Tuscany and me.

Love, Carmen