What makes us so special

What makes us so special?

We offer luxury accomodation for your Dogs and Cats.

One of the most difficult decisions regarding your pet will be which kennel or cattery will you take them to when you go away. We hope that by exploring our website you will understand why Calabash Kennels & Cattery is so special and what we do to make sure your “other children” feel like they are at home.Our aim is to ensure your pets have as much fun during their stay with us as you do on your holiday. With all facilities either being new or fully rennovated we are one of the best!

Here at Calabash Kennels and Cattery, we really do care about your pets and we all love what we do – we recognise that your other children may initially miss their owners so we make sure that all our caring staff give your pets lots of love and attention.

The guests at the kennels now have access to one of our large play areas throughout the day.
Here they can laze in the sunshine, sit in the shade, splash in the pool, play chase or dig holes & on those hot summer days or raining ones play in the indoor airconditioned playareas .

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Hi Linda & everyone at Calabash – on behalf of Demon & Shadow, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You truly are an exceptional bunch of people and really care for and love our dogs. The boys just LOVE going to visit and happily trot off with Linda when they arrive with not so much as a backward glance at their Mom! They come home happy and well fed & exercised after their
visit. I will not hesitate to recommend you guys to everyone I know that has cats or dogs who need a temporary home.
Lynn is especially my favourite after her hunting down the escape artists in my new neighbourhood a few months back! Thank you again Lynn xx _
Big hugs to you all and all the best for the future.
Love from Eva, Demon & Shadow

xxxHi Linda
As you know, my two small dogs, Rocky (a cross Pomeranian) and Candy (a cross fox terrier) have been staying with you for the last five years (they are now eight and seven years old respectively). Both of these were originally “pound” dogs and had been abused by their previous owners, and it took a big step for me to be able to leave them at a kennel. Rocky in particular, with his “gammy” leg and only one eye, has always been a concern.However, they love staying at Calabash. The image that sticks in my mind was when we dropped them off to you last time and went in to fill in the forms. We came out to find the dogs nowhere to be seen. We called them, and they both came racing from a long way up the drive and jumped up on you to say hello!

Calabash is an exceptional boarding facility for dogs. I would be happy to recommend you to anybody.

Best regards
Debyi Mackay

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Calabash Kennels is not a kennel where you leave your cats and dogs when you go away from home, it is a home for your “other children” when you are unable to care for them. Each is treated as an individual and their individual personality taken into account. I’ve left a german shepherd several times who hates being left behind,
(he is quite sure he is one of the family not just a dog). Now each time we get the car out he is there waiting to hop in the back of the four wheel drive to go to his other home – he doesn’t mind how many times we go away any more.

The cat is the same – he used to disappear before we left so he couldn’t be left behind. And then cry and shed hair all the way to the kennel. Then claw onto me to try to stop being left behind when we arrived at a kennel. Now he just purrs all the way and while he is glad to see us – he just settles down to come home again till the next time he visits Calabash.

It is so good knowing your animals are as happy having a holiday as you are yourself, it makes going away a joy for everyone- and believe me the animals show how happy they are. I don’t need to check their quarters nor check how they are treated – the animals show it in their behaviour.

David and Helen Gage. Dural