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Cat Boarding

Calabash Cattery – our Luxury Cat Boarding in Sydney offers Five Star Accommodation for all of our cats.

When you enter our cattery you will hear the sound of water trickling, and see palm fronds swaying in the breeze.

Our pet resort is architecturally designed, no room is without a spectacular view. Our Garden Villas overlook the natural bush scenery, and our Balcony Suites and Garden View Rooms offer a beautiful outlook over our landscaped gardens.

The Cattery is fully insulated against the cold of winter and the heat of summer.  The reverse cycle air conditioner now keeps the kitties warm at night during winter & nice & cool on those hot summer days & nights.

You have a choice of three different rooms for our visitors.

1. Garden Villas

Spacious indoor rooms, with 3 different levels for the guests to enjoy. They can choose to either snooze inside our comfy cubbies or enjoy their own private jungle gym. The afternoon sun is a real favourite to enjoy in their gardens.

2. Balcony Suites

Our largest indoor space, with lots of room to roam & plush bedding on each level. Cosy cubbies & a beautiful sunny outdoor balcony for our guests to sit & watch the world go by.

3. Garden View Rooms

Our standard rooms with wonderful views of our rural cattery garden. The indoor room has multiple levels, with a snug cubby & plush bedding.

Please Note:

The minimum size for the rooms is 1 metre wide by 2 metres long by 2 metres tall. All of our rooms are private with plush cat cubbys and covered litter trays. Of course all our cats have impecabbly clean stainless steel bowls which are replenished regularly.
Calabash Cattery takes a great deal of time and effort to ensure all cats are given time to settle & lots of attention when they are ready.

Pet toys

Calabash Luxury Cattery cat boarding also has a wonderful play area for all of our feline guests. Your cat can enjoy playground singularly or with a friend if they came with one.

This carefully planned Play Area is fully secure and totally covered with overhead mesh. The spacious area is landscaped and has a stimulating range of natural climbing apparatus, scratchpoles, and a cooling trickling fountain. For those cats who love getting out and investigating we are one of the few catteries who offer such extended Play Facilities.

Best of all – Playtime is Free of Charge.

We take our responsibilities to your cat’s mental and physical health seriously – we regard playtime as time for your cat to roam outside of his or her boarding room.

You don’t lock your cat up 24 hours a day – and neither do we!

Cat Scratch Pole

we care about your pets
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Hi Linda, Aleigh, Sally and the rest of the team.
A few weeks back we left our 11 month retriever Bailey with you for a week.
Leaving him for the 1st time we were very nervous.
I am writing to say a big thankyou for the time you took to explain everything to us and for going out of your way to ensuring that Bailey was well taken care of.
Again thanks and next time we need to leave Bailey we know exactly where to come.
best regards,
Rick and Nicole,
P.S We loved being able to see the photos of Bailey and the other dogs, this made us feel at ease whilst away.

Dear Linda,
I will never be able to express the words to thank you enough, for the amazing job that you and
your team have done looking after my cat Tana for the last 31/2 weeks.

It was double the amount of time that he and I have ever spent apart, and I was very nervous to say the least. I have sent him to a few different cattery’s and each with terrible results. He has come home with injuries on his face, he has come home severely dehydrated and thin from not eating and on another occasion he came home completely terrified of people, including us.

After coming home from Calabash he was an extremely content, happy, well adjusted, healthy and obviously very well looked after cat. You have done an amazing job and very clearly put a lot of effort into looking after him, spending time with him and treating him well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so incredibly thrilled that he has had a good time and so grateful to you all for looking after him so well.
THANK YOU. You guys are amazing!

Warm Regards
Gemma Clifton


Dear Linda,
Thanks for your excellent care and outstanding service. Both Harry and Stumpy have had a wonderful stay!

All the very best for the coming year,

Yours Sincerely,
Suzanne and Greg.