Calabash Cattery has a selection of accommodation
to suit our guests.

1. Garden Villas – Each one of these large rooms has 24 hour access to their own outdoor area with tropical plants and comfy balconies to curl up on.
2. Balcony Suites - Spacious rooms with sunny balconies - perfect to sit and watch the world go by.
3. Garden View Rooms - Our standard rooms, which are still very roomy and offer great views over our play area and of course are great for bird watching!

Calabash Cattery cat boarding also has a wonderful play area for all of our feline guests. Your cat can enjoy playground singularly or with a friend if they came with one.

Our custom built cat platforms and scratch poles wrapped in sisal make a great place for your cat to have a play, or maybe a heavy duty scratch or just curl up in the warmth.

Our spacious play area overlooks open fields and our much loved horses. All our guests get great views - and more importantly they can watch the day to day coming and going of staff and other guests. Cats are intelligent and inquistive creatures and love to explore and to take in their surroundings.





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Best of all - Playtime is Free of Charge.

We take our responsibilities to your cat’s mental and physical health seriously
- we regard playtime as time for your cat to roam outside of his or her boarding room.

You don’t lock your cat up 24 hours a day - and neither do we!

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