Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Calabash Kennels offers Five Star Dog Boarding Accommodation for all of our dogs.

Our facilities – The Lodge & The Retreat have fully ducted air conditioning & underfloor heating throughout. Our guests enjoy calming background music during the day which helps them rest & relax. All the guest enjoy our large interactive outdoor playareas & large indoor playareas (which come in handy on those rainy days). These playareas have been specially designed to encourage the guests to run, play, dig & sniff. The games are endless. The rooms in The Retreat are private & spacious with lovely large exclusive outdoor areas. The guests have access throughout the day to their outdoor area. They have playtime twice a day in one of our fantastic playareas between 7am – 9.30ish & 1pm – 5pmish. The rooms in The Lodge are of varying sizes & the guests here have playtime throughout the day. At Calabash Kennels we expect very high standards of cleanliness – all of our feed bowls are stainless steel and are washed & disinfected after each and every meal. Water bowls are also cleaned & refilled throughout the day and we check regularly for extra water needs and any other comforts. Our Room service is a regular occurrence – so your dog’s run stays fresh and clean at all times. Calabash Kennels pays Special Attention to first timers and to those pets that may be worried about staying away from home. Please let us know your requests prior to arrival – and we will do our best to make your dogs stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Day care is a wonderful way of introducing your pets to the wonders of boarding.

Calabash Kennels also offers Dog walking – which can be done solo or in a group.

This additional exercise is not necessary but sometimes a little one on one with myself, or one of my staff – is what matters the most in helping your dogs settle into their holiday at Calabash Kennels.

A client asked me one day how far do you walk? My answer was it depends on how many interesting smells are out there and how long the dog wants to stop, sniff and investigate.

It is a lovely extra interlude to the day that offers the chance for your dog to really stretch his or her legs, smell some great new smells, and interact with other wildlfe.

Walks are all done on the 25 acres property where Calabash Kennels & Cattery is situated.

We walk through beautiful bushland with lots of enticing smells and noises. Our purpose built water centre & scentworks are two other wonderful options for your dogs to enjoy.


During our playtime sessions the guests can enjoy what doggies do. They can laze in the sunshine, play in the wading pool, sit in the shade, play chase, dig holes…. the options are endless.

Playtime is supervised and love, pats and cuddles are handed out with enthusiasm!

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Just a quick message to thank you for caring and looking after Indy so well.

He has clearly had a terrific time and has come back to us in wonderful condition. It was a very hard decision for us to leave him for 5 weeks but it really seems as though he’s had a great holiday too!

Thank you also for the training you arranged and the time Helen spent with us on Saturday. Talking to
Helen was very, very helpful. Please let her know that Indy has been very calm since being home and that so far her suggestions re the mouthing and jumping are working really well. I will send a further progress report in a few weeks.

Regards and many, many thanks,


Hi Linda,

Just a note to thank you for looking after our boy Doogle so well when we were away.

He has settled back in at home, but I am sure he misses playing with the other dogs and running around at the kennels.

We are now confident to leave Doogle for more than 4 nights and go on longer holidays!! Thank you for giving us this confidence and I am sure Doogle will be looking forward to spending more time at Calabash soon.

Best Regards,
Anne & David Reid