Email Photo

Email Photo

Let us email you a photo of your pet.


Let us email you a picture of your cat or dog

We also offer an email photo of your “other children” providing they are amenable to it and don’t turn tail and hide.

Provide us with a contact email address and let us do the snapping. It’s lovely to get a snapshot of your loved one, we may not be professional photographers – but we’ll do our best. Let us make your experience of Calabash Kennels and Cattery a memorable one.

we take a good picture of your pets

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A brilliant idea!! Thanks for your great photos of Mikey and Chip- it’s fantastic to see pictures of them whilst we are both overseas. We miss them both very much – so give them an extra cuddle from us and we will see you all at Calabash Kennels shortly.

ps. I particularly like the one of Mikey in the dam. Have you taught him freestyle?

Yours Sincerely,
Christian and Sophie.