We go that extra step

We go that extra step

With first timers we DO spend the extra time with them.

Sitting, patting and chatting.
This helps those who are away for the first time or who have had bad experiences elsewhere to settle in and realize that staying at Calabash Kennels & Cattery is a lot of fun.

We notice. If a guest is feeling low or ill and monitor accordingly.

We care. If a canine guest decides that someone other than his/her flatmate is better suited to share with them then we do try to accommodate and change rooming arrangements.

We keep records of likes and dislikes, temperament and eating habits so that on the guests next stay we know lots about them.

We care about our humans too.
We love you to call and check on “your other children” during office hours – if we don’t answer please leave your number & we will call you back.  Alternatively you can email us and we will send a reply.

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page ~ where we load photos & videos on a weekly basis.  Please if we miss your pet send us a personal message or email & we will rectify as soon as possible

Phone calls during office hours are welcome, if we are busy please leave us a message and we will get back to you the same day.

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Thanks Linda for being so kind.
It makes a huge difference , knowing that you are looking after Max … In fact if you weren’t available. I wouldn’t be on holidays … if I can return that kindness please let me know … I have given up on the dacchies, they are actually quite good at home and have an acre to run around in and that seems to keep them busy.. On the plus side, they do get under your skin a bit and I miss them when they are not around
… Thank God , they are no bigger !!

Thanks Linda.I’m sooo pleased to have found you too, and it was Prue and her mum who recommended you, as I was on a mission and found their cattery first.I can’t tell you how great its been to know I can have absolute faith in Calabash who have provided a gem of a service in every way possible. Tip top care, and lots of love and fuss, professionally and securely managed with great attention to detail. It’s enabled Allan and I to visit so many places throughout all states in Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Lord Howe Island, Tasmania….! You were there for me in an emergency last January when I was back in the UK within 48hrs and the boys stayed in the posh pony stable for a while, and this last ‘bitter sweet’ holiday for the boys whereby you are so kindly preparing them for their long haul journey and waving them off on my behalf…It was sad to see the boys trot off up your drive for the last time and I’m going to miss seeing you all. Please keep in touch and I’ll be sure to send you some pics of the boys playing in their much smaller UK garden… I wonder if Jolly Jazz and Dashing Darcy will remember it?! Magic Minstrel will miss running round the swimming pool barking at liazards and Tinker Tomah will miss swimming like an otter… It’s going to be tough for us all I fear… But Allan and I will be there waiting for their delivery to our home, and hopefully the joy of seeing us again will help them overcome their long journey and smaller garden without a pool!One fun thing, did Bob tell you we also live in Guildford area (small hamlet called Christmas Pie) and my son lives 25mins away in the village of Godalming – where I also worked for many years… Small world!Must go – now in Beecroft for a last lasagne and dropping in on the posh pussies for a quick cuddle a bit later…..Let me know when the boys have been collected and I’ll be tracking them right through and across the world ……Thanks again Linda and all of your team…..
Margaret xx

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to thank you and the crew for doing such a fantastic job looking after Keyson and Ginger. I know they have a fabulous time during their stay.