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Why? Because of our referrals from veterinarians (some of whom place their pets in our care) and from our loyal regular clients. Even local pet food shops recognise our commitment to our pets health and prefer to refer us over other local kennels. We decided to cater for the need of a first class cattery and we opened Calabash Cattery in October 2004. With the cattery now open and the increase in business, I am proud to say that it has come to the point where we have over 6 full and part time staff.

After 3 years of haggling with my partner he has finally relented & is allowing me to build my dream accommodation for small dogs. We have had approval from Council and have commenced building our luxury Lodge. This will have underfloor heating, fully ducted air conditioning, lots of natural light, indoor & outdoor playareas &, a range of delicacies for even the fussiest of dogs. We are anticipating that this Lodge will be open early 2016.
All of our fantastic staff have been carefully chosen for their love of animals, attention to detail and work ethic.

Several years ago I went into our (at the time) local butcher who told me in shocked tones that the previous customer was a little nutty and allowed the dogs to sleep on the bed. Shock, horror I thought as I walked out of the butchers shop. I know where my dogs sleep.