We offer professional grooming for both dogs and cats.

The groomers we use are professional and fully trained. As our canine guests romp around and enjoy themselves we highly recommend basic grooming is carried out as you would do at home. The last thing you need to worry about is a matted coat when you get you pet home from his/her holiday.

The same applies to our long haired feline guests.

A general groom is part of the daily routine with the cats but those with longer coats or that are fussy about being handled should probably go to our grooming parlour.

Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming for your pets

we care about your pets
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Hi Linda and staff,
The whole family would like to say thank you to all of you for looking after Chloe so beautifully. lf I had known that she would have come back home looking happier and healthier than when we dropped her off then we would have not stressed so much about leaving her.
She seems calmer and happier than ever and she smells amazing too. Thanks again for everything and l bet Chloe hopes we take another holiday soon so she can come back to Calabash.

Warm regards
Shoudra family.

To my dear Linda and all my friends
where I come to stay for my holiday
Thank you for looking after me so well and giving me that extra cuddle you know I need.

I miss you all.
See you soon. Happy Christmas.

Love from,
Christie Wadick ( Woof Woof) xxxxxxx.