A Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet

Fresh raw foodsCalabash Kennels & Cattery is a modern, luxury and professional organisation and we take your pet’s diet seriously.

It employs latest technology and state-of-the-art methods. Current management Healthy food for your petspractices are followed. To this end the organisation has the following Mission, Vision and Corporate Strategies.

What’s for Dinner?
Foods are healthiest as close to nature and as unprocessed as possible. Serving our pets wholesome foods is not much different from feeding ourselves a healthy diet. Our pets bodies are adapted to fresh raw foods, such as meats, bones, fish, chicken and also various plant foods. Many commercial food products or nutritional supplements available fail to provide your pets with the outstanding goodness that is to be found in freshly prepared foods.  We have sourced a chicken & rice meatloaf which appeals to most of our guests, is preservative free & is given the lick of approval.

A Question of Health
The more that is learned about the beneficial elements in fresh foods the more it becomes evident that these elements collectively play a major role in keeping our pets’ bodies healthy and ultimately disease-free.

However, we also believe that high quality commercial products also help us provide the essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants needed in cats and dogs of all ages. We are very happy to feed our pets the Ivory Coast range of delicious nutritional products.


A long time ago I started feeding my dogs according to Dr Ian Billinghursts BARF diet.  My dogs have never looked back.  They have always had wonderful soft shiny coats – which is very important as we all love to pat our pets, fresh breath a must for up close & personal, no vet fees (except for annual  vaccinations & heartworm)meaning  more money that can then be spent on doggy toys & beds, and,  white shiny teeth – excellent for crunching those wonderful healthy bones & once again no vet fees to clean them – see above for  ways of spending money saved!!
Not only are there the benefits that we see above but others like longevity, very few skin problems, smaller less smelly stoels (fantastic!!) , bright eyes and much healthier happy dogs.
AND it is not difficult or expensive.  Chicken wings, necks, carcasses, the softer non weight bearing raw meaty bones, fresh sardines (always a favourite with mine) and the wonderfully easy Butchers Raw patties at www.thebutchersdog.com.au

Start your best friends on the raw, natural diet at Calabash Kennels and you will  have happy, healthy dogs for life.

A la carte menu

Fresh beef or roo mince  $ 2.50 per 100gms
Fresh lamb $ 2.50 per 100gms
Salmon $ 3.50 per 100gms
Tuna $ 3.00 per 100gms
Sardines $ 3.50 per 100gms
Ziwi Peak  – dry beef/lamb $ 1.00 per 100gms
Ziwi Peak – dry vension $ 1.50 per 100gms
Ziwi Peak – $ 2.00 per 100gms
(beef, lamb, tripe & lamb, mackeral & lamb)
Ziwi Peak – rabbit & lamb  $ 2.50 per 100gms
Ziwi Peak – Venison $ 3.00 per 100gms
Cooked chicken breast $ 3.00 per 100gms
My Dog $ 3.00 per serve (100gms)

Pet Treats

Kongs with BARF $ 4.50
Kongs with organic peanut butter $ 4.50
Pigs Ears  $ 4.50
Roo Sticks $ 4.50
Fish fillets  $ 4.50

Please make sure you organise with us at least a week prior to your dogs arrival.

A healthy diet for your cats and dogs

Here at Calabash Kennels & Cattery we serve lovingly prepared and fresh delicious meals for your cats and dogs.

But that is not to say we ignore your pets preferred foodstuffs. We are happy to follow your dietary specifications and recognise the importance of your pets preferred needs.

Fresh mince for your pets

we care about your pets
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Hi Linda and all at Calabash,

When I came to collect Chloe I worried that she might have missed us, been fretting, got nervous etc.,  I should have remembered that when we dropped her off Linda clipped a leash on her and walked away, with Chloe not looking back even once.
We collected a healthy and happy Chloe who probably hadn’t missed us at all.  My thanks to all at Calabash for making Chloe’s stay such a pleasant experience for her and made our trip away so free of worry about her.

Pat Glandian

Dear Linda
I was delighted with your high quality care of Tom and Sam. Sam is not the easiest dog in the world to keep happy but you managed it! I did not mention to you that Sam has a funny quirk that if she is is distressed she loses her eyelashes, so the first thing I check with her when I collect her from a kennel is whether or not she has her eyelashes.

If she has then she has been happy – and if she has no eyelashes then she has been unhappy. I noted that all eyelashes were intact and beautifully long when I collected them both on 10th December. Congratulations.

Many Thanks,
Cheryl Clarke.