In House Dog Training

In house dog training – for dogs booked in for boarding.

We have 4 different training packages available.

Train & Stay includes:

  • $560 on top of boarding fees
  • Minimum 14 day stay.
  • 30-minute training every day.
  • You choose from 2 programs, where we work on one main skill (either Recall or Loose lead), and one extra skill (chosen from the 4 available skills). Basic obedience is incorporated into both programs. Please note this training option excludes any behavioural issues.
  • 2 video updates.
  • 30-minute hand over session with trainer & personalised handover package.

Behavioural Train & Stay includes:

  • Price to be given after assessment/consult with Debbie.
  • Minimum 21 day stay.
  • Behavioural issues include reactivity, jumping up/over excitement, etc. Please note that some behavioural issues will need to be worked on in the home environment.
  • For any behavioural issues concerning aggression, 1 on 1 consults are available.

Short stay training includes:

  • $55 per 30-minute session
  • 3 session minimum per booking.
  • 30-minute sessions at your choosing.
  • Your choice of 1 skill from 5 available options.
  • 1 video update.
  • 15-minute hand over session.
  • Training summary & commands emailed to you.

Day-care & Training bundle includes:

  • $65 per day
  • All the perks of day-care (play time & fun activities).
  • 15-minute training session.
  • Your choice of 1 skill from 5 available options.
  • 5-minute hand over session (if collected before 4pm).
  • Training report card emailed to you.


Train & Stay Program 1 – Loose lead walking/heel

Walks are such an important way for dogs to gain enrichment. Some dogs love to smell every grass patch, whilst some are fast paced! Having a dog being able to walk nicely on lead and not pull in different directions means they can still smell as they please, and it is an enjoyable experience for both owner and dog. It is also important for incoming dogs ahead as it is less threatening when a dog isn’t trying to pull its way over to meet them. (Loose lead walking/heel can also be chosen as an extra if you select program 2.)

Train & Stay Program 2 – Recall

Building an association to the word ‘come’. Your dog must associate the word ‘come’ with only positive things, initially heavily rewarded, to create a solid recall – it isn’t going to end your dog’s good-times! This is an important command for your dog to be reliable at, especially at dog parks or out on walks. On some occasions it may even save their life! (Recall can also be chosen as an extra if you select program 1.)

Included in Train & Stay program – Basic obedience (Sit, drop and stay)

These are some of the simpler behaviours to teach and will help with your dog’s general manners. Having your dog sit, drop or stay in times they might get hyperexcited or to be less threatening when meeting a nervous dog can be extremely beneficial.

Extra 1 – Place

It is important to set up a safe ‘place’ for your dogs. Somewhere they can go if they are feeling anxious. It is also a great tool for your dog if strangers/familiar faces will be entering the home. If a dog gets highly aroused easily, sending them to their ‘place’ will mean they cannot practice behaviours such as jumping up and it can also calm them down until they are ready to greet.

Extra 2 – Leave It

Leave it is an extremely valuable cue for your dog to understand. It teaches impulse control that can be especially useful in many situations. For example, a piece of food drops off the kitchen counter that you want your dog to leave or maybe there is something you want your dog to leave in the yard or out on a walk.