Our Environment

we care about our local environment

Our Environment

Calabash Kennels & Cattery is situated on 25acres. 7 acres of this land will remain untouched virgin bush for the wildlife.

We are very aware of the decreasing amount of land which is being set aside for the wildlife and so have decided to keep this parcel of land which borders onto Calabash Creek specifically for the wildlife.

We care about our environment.

The products we use are as much as possible environmentally friendly. We use Tri Natures productsSphagnum Moss which is a naturally activated herbal disinfectant concentrate hospital grade and Supre which is a multi purpose cleaning concentrate for cleaning. We only use natural products in the Cattery as cats, especially the exotics are more sensitive to harsh detergents, disinfectants and cleaning concentrates.

The one or two products we use that are not as good for the environment are all washed into settling tanks, treated and when this has been done the water is then clean enough to be used to water the paddocks.

Chamomile dishwashing detergent and Alpha Plus Laundry Powder which because of its advanced polymer technology contains no environmentally harmful phosphates or nutrients.

We also are very careful of what we bath “your other children” in.

We use Petway & Cotex animal care products which use natural refined oils, herbal extracts, organic compounds and pesticides of natural origin.

Tri Nature


At Calabash Kennels & Cattery we care about the future of the wildlife and their habitat. As much as possible we try to work with the environment to lessen any impact we may have on it.

The disposal of our animal waste is addressed simply & efficiently by the use of the humble compost worm & biocycles. No smell, no health risk, no transport, no garbage bags or bins and no environmental damage.

Compost Worms


Bookworm Farm
We feel that Compost worm recycling systems are the most natural, cost-effective, efficient, labour-saving, and ecologically ideal answer to our dog waste dilemma.

We approached Bookworm Farms of Rouse Hill and they intsalled a complete waste solution. A large hand made timber bin was fitted and this handles our trusty worms. These worms are installed at the bottom, and our pet droppings are added daily from the top. As the level rises, the worms steadily work their way up the stack, breeding as they go.

This means that the efficiency of the system develops over the months as the worms increase in numbers. Most of our kitchen waste is also fed to the worms.

We work hard to ensure your pets are in an ecologically friendly and caring environment.


we care about your pets
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Calabash Kennels 14.4.2005

5 years ago we were looking for somewhere for “our children – Jesse and Jake”, to stay whilst we went overseas for 1 month.
We really did the rounds! and still nothing was acceptable. We came across Calabash Kennels and of course, Linda. My mind was at ease immediately when I saw the kennels and spent time with Linda discussing our family’s needs. Jesse and Jake are incredibly important to us, they trust us, love us, and we them. We found them a home away from home at Calabash, somewhere they would feel safe and loved when we weren’t around, somewhere they would receive special attention and affection, somewhere they would feel at home. That somewhere is Calabash Kennels, the environment and most importantly Linda and her staff who sincerely do care about our children. We have never gone anywhere else since that day 5 years ago and we never would. We highly recommend that “your children” too, will love Calabash!!

Michelle Armstrong.