Our Prices

Our Prices

Calabash Kennels & Cattery is one of the leading kennels and catterys in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Our customers come from far and wide and we are proud to say that we get fantastic referrals from many happy customers. Our repeat customers are our best indicator that we are doing something right.

We take time to get to know your pet. We give your children lots of love and attention and we try to cater for all their needs whilst you are away. You can be secure in the knowledge that when you come to pick up your pet, he or she will be happy and healthy. We care.

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Kennels Pricing


Dogs  – valid till 01 July 2019 Off Peak Peak
Small-Medium $40.00 $45.00
Medium-Large $42.00 $47.00
Giant $50.00 $55.00
$85 – 150.00 $155.00

Dogs – valid from 01 July 2019 Off Peak Peak
Small-Medium $42.00 $47.00
Medium-Large $45.00 $50.00
Giant $52.00 $57.00
$85 – 150.00 $155.00

PRICE RISE – With the swim centre up & operating we are increasing our rates in The Retreat by $2.00 – $3.00 per day per dog from the 1st of July 2019 – this will enable us to continue to provide all dogs with pool time for a paddle, splash, swim or just to enjoy a different area to run around in. We don’t want to discriminate & just want everyone to enjoy this wonderful water centre.

Standard Dog Walk ~ $20.00
Scent Work ~ $20.00
Playtime Plus ~ $25.00
Training ~ $75.00 per hour
Training ½ hour – $55.00
Training package ~ $650.00
Pool splash 15mins ~ $25.00
Medicated bath ~ $25.00
Out of Hours ~ $150.00

The Lodge ~
Lassie Suites $ 75 – $150.00 Peak $155.00
Scooby Doo Suites $75.00 Peak $80.00
Pluto Suites $55 Peak $60.00
Snoopy Suites $45.00 Peak $ 50.00
Toto Suites $40.00 Peak $45.00


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Cattery Pricing

Cats Off Peak Peak
Garden Villa $29.00 $32.00
Balcony Suite $27.00 $29.00
Garden View Room $21.00 $23.00
Additional playtime charged at $10.00
per 15 mins


Pet Discounts

Vet fee –

If your “other child” is required to be taken to a vet – $50.00


Due to huge popular demand and our time commitments – photos are charged at a rate of $25.00.  We do load photos on facebook regularly & try to have all guests featured once a week,  This is a complimentary service.

Training Fees

1 week basic obedience or a tailor made package to suit your dog  – 5 x 1/2 hr lessons for your dog and 2 x ½ hour lessons with your dog, yourself & our trainer – one before training starts & one at the end of the training, full board for your pet with quality food and playtime.
Small $600.00
Medium $615.00
Large $625.00

Public Holiday Surcharge

$10.00 per day for dogs
$7.50 per day for cats.

For medications $2.50 per day

Own diet $2.50 per day

Undesexed dogs over the age of 8 months not accepted.

Please Note:

Prices are GST inclusive.

Prices include playtime.

Pick up in the afternoon incurs an extra days charge.

we care about your pets
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Calabash Kennels 14.4.2005

5 years ago we were looking for somewhere for “our children – Jesse and Jake”, to stay whilst we went overseas for 1 month.
We really did the rounds! and still nothing was acceptable. We came across Calabash Kennels and of course, Linda. My mind was at ease immediately when I saw the kennels and spent time with Linda discussing our family’s needs. Jesse and Jake are incredibly important to us, they trust us, love us, and we them. We found them a home away from home at Calabash, somewhere they would feel safe and loved when we weren’t around, somewhere they would receive special attention and affection, somewhere they would feel at home. That somewhere is Calabash Kennels, the environment and most importantly Linda and her staff who sincerely do care about our children. We have never gone anywhere else since that day 5 years ago and we never would. We highly recommend that “your children” too, will love Calabash!!

Michelle Armstrong.