Calabash Kennels has always included Playtime in our daily rate.

We feel that a happy dog is one that has expended much of his/her energy. Our dogs can do this by joining a group of similar minded dogs and doing what dogs do.

Our Staff also organise a geriatric group as well, which normaly isn’t quite as active but all the dogs involved still love a wander through the grassy play areas and a chat with those maybe even more senior than them.

Playtime is fully supervised and love, pats and cuddles are handed out with gay abandon.

Here at Calabash Kennels understand that not all dogs are the same and they all have different needs.

Some like to wander and sniff

Others like to roll and lie in the sunshine

Many like to run and play all day.

wonderful walks

AND don’t forget our wonderful walks,dam swims, scentwork or pool splash – which add that extra bit of variety to your dogs stay.

toys for our pets

Playtime for your cats and dogs

The same goes for cats.
Although our rooms are large, an extra wander through the grass in the play area or a sit in the sunshine and a climb on the natural gymnastic equipment does wonders for our cats.

The spacious play area is landscaped and has a stimulating range of natural climbing apparatus, scratchpoles, and a cooling trickling fountain. For those cats who love getting out and investigating we are one of the few catteries who offer such extended Play Facilities.

we care about your pets
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Hi Linda
Just wanted to send a quick thank you note to you and Helen for taking care of my Harry & Lucy while I was away. Harry is missing the playarea already—he stares wistfully out the apartment window occassionally meowing softly at birds. I may need to book them in then- more regularly just so he can get his playground fix! They both look so healthy though –
thank you again.
Warmest regards,
Paula Gonzalez


To Linda and Sarah,
Thanks so much for looking after Missy and Boss (and their slightly anxious mum). Knowing they had a good holiday home made the weekend more enjoyable.

Many thanks,
Ash and Adam and Missy and Boss.