We provide luxury treats for all our guests.

Calabash Kennels and Cattery only use natural products such as liver bits and roo slices, biscuits and bones with no flavouring.

We don’t lavish them out willy nilly – but we all know that rewards can help make your pet feel special and wanted and more at home. Don’t forget that some natural treats can assist to promote healthy, bright eyed and energetic cats and dogs with fresh breath and beautiful coats. If we feel that a treat is appropriate, our staff may lavish that extra attention on your pet.

But have no fear, all our treats have been adapted for canine or feline tastes & nutritional requirements, and are generally low in fat to prevent excessive calorie intake. And of course – if you advise us not to give your pet treats – then we don’t!

we care about your pets
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Dear Linda,
Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you
after your very compassionate phone call about
my little terrors (I mean terriers)!
And as you can see. I couldn’t bring myself to
call and actually talk about it, but I wanted to
let you know how much I appreciate your
concern and thoughtfulness, and that I have
considered very carefully the possibility of
finding a good home for one of them, which as
you can imagine is torture to contemplate.

Many many many thanks again for your
sympathy and efforts – it’s unbelievably
generous of you.

My best wishes,
Maggie Lake