Your Pets Health

Your Pets Health

We take your cat's and dog's health seriously

and our requirements

As we are only a small staff, we do get to know each guest individually.

This means there is a greater ability to ensure their health and well being. We are very quick to notice if one of our guests is off colour or depressed. Because of this we are able to monitor them and discuss with their vets if we feel the need. ( We always err on the side of caution in this matter).

As a number of vets refer clients to us a number of them will make house calls.

The main reason we prefer house calls is the security aspect. To move a guest out of a secure environment, into a car, into the vet and vice versa is posing a security risk. There may be a greater charge for a house call but we feel it is worth it. If we do feel that is necessary to have a vet check on “your other child” we do of course keep in contact with yourselves or the contact you have given us and keep you updated with the diagnosis.

We ask that all guests come in cleaned and groomed. We especially ask that all animals are treated for fleas and, ticks in the paralysis season – Oct to Mar.

Our Requirements:

All dogs must be cleaned and groomed prior to their arrival.

All pets must be fully vaccinated to ensure the highest standard of protection for each individual.

All annual vaccinations must be completed 10 days prior to their arrival for their holiday.


Dogs need to be vaccinated for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza & Bordatella. This vaccination is normally known as a C5.


Cats need to be vaccinated for Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis. This vaccination is normally known as a F3.

If you are unsure if your pet has been properly vaccination contact your regular vet and they will be able to advise you.

Both dogs and cats should be at least five months old at the time of boarding. Exceptions can be made providing your pet is fully vaccinated but it is not in the best interest of your pet. Animals who are very young or very old are more susceptible to viruses and therefore it is advisable not to board your pet before they have reached five months and are fully vaccinated.

Vaccination cards are required to be presented at the time of check in. Any animal not properly vaccinated will unfortunately be unable to stay with us.

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Cat FluThings you should know about boarding

Kennel Cough

Despite being covered for kennel cough some dogs will come home with, or develop kennel cough after they come home.
Because of the highly infectious nature of the disease, kennel cough infections usually occur as an outbreak – it is important to realize that when kennel cough is “around most boarding establishments and most leash free parks will be affected. It is important to realize that kennel cough vaccinations are a little like human flu vaccinations: we vaccinate dogs against two specific organisms – Bortetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza; the vaccine contains these two organisms because they are extremely contagious, and because dogs affected by them can become seriously ill. However there are lots of other micro organisms, both bacteria and viruses, which can also cause respiratory tract infections; the vaccine provides absolutely no protection against these bugs, and it’s these that can cause kennel cough to develop, despite your dog being vaccinated. If your dog comes back from our kennels with kennel cough, it doesn’t mean that we have been careless: these bugs are so contagious that it’s virtually impossible to contain them in a kennel situation during an outbreak, no matter how rigorous our cleaning & disinfection procedures are. Systematic control of the cough is all that is required in most cases of infection, and only rarely will it be necessary to use antibiotics for the control of secondary bacterial infections.


Another hazard your dog or cat may face in a boarding situation is fleas. It is impossible for us to ensure that no dog or cat with a single flea enters into the kennels or cattery. When animals are in close proximity, flea transmission occurs with great ease. It’s therefore a very good idea to treat your pet with a flea prevention prior to their coming to Calabash Kennels & Cattery to provide them with protection should their next door neighbors be entertaining some unwelcome non-paying guests.


Favourite blankets & toys are often an overrated commodity, with you, the owner sometimes putting more store in them than the pet does. However so would we!
Please make sure that all bedding is clean and that nothing is brought that is special as things can be destroyed in a kennel situation. If the bedding becomes soiled we of course wash it, dry it and send back to the room for your dog or cat to enjoy again.


If your “other child” becomes ill and requires veterinary attention we will always call your consulting vet. Sometimes a trip to the vet is necessary either your own or one of our choice and this requires a $50.00 fee for the taxi and our time.

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Dear Linda,
We must thank you for the way in which you have taken care of Ruby our Staffordshire terrier cross. Before we found Calabash we tried a number of local Kennels and were never satisfied.

Since taking Ruby to Calabash we find that she gets very excited as soon as she is aware that she is going on holiday. Your Kennels are very clean and we know that Ruby is treated with kindness. Because of the treatment given to Ruby we have recommended Calabash to neighbors and friends.

Linda good luck with your cattery, going on holiday will be so much easier knowing that our Dog and Cat will be treated with kindness. The stress of departure day for holidays will be removed as we no longer have to go to the Kennels and than on to the Cattery.

Thank you for the way in which you have looked after Ruby

Kind Regards
Ross & Karin Floate