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Sydney’s best luxury five-star dog boarding and dog daycare accommodation, conveniently located in tranquil surroundings. Calabash Kennels provides a safe, welcoming environment for canine guests to enjoy a relaxing holiday, while ensuring peace of mind for their owners.

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What Makes Calabash Different?

At Calabash Kennels and Cattery, we believe that pets are more than just animals – they are important members of the family. As such, choosing a pet care facility is a crucial decision that pet owners must make. We understand the responsibility that comes with providing care for pets, and that is why we always strive to provide the best possible care for your furry friend. Our aim is to make sure that your pet feels comfortable, happy, and safe while in our care.

Our team at Calabash Kennels is dedicated to creating an environment that is both welcoming and comforting for your pet. We have a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who are trained to cater to the unique needs of each animal. Whether you need long-term or short-term care for your pet, we offer a range of services that can accommodate your needs. Our goal is to make sure that both you and your pet feel confident and comfortable when you leave them in our care.

Calabash Doggy Daycare

A wonderful opportunity for your dog to have a day of playful interaction with dogs of similar personalities in a safe and secure environment with experienced staff supervision. Your dog will be entertained, socialised and exercised for the whole day. The benefits of Doggy Daycare are endless. No more negative behaviour or destruction caused by boredom.

Doggy Daycare is a wonderful way to introduce your dog to boarding if they have never boarded before or if they are worried and anxious. As dogs don’t google, the only way they can understand what boarding is all about is by experiencing days here with us. By taking it slowly dogs are not overwhelmed by their new environment and learn in a positive way what boarding is all about. Our wonderful purpose-built water centre will be the envy of all dogs during the warmer months – shallow end for those guests who like to paddle and play under the water fountains and of course the deep end where guests can show off their superior swimming skills.

At Calabash Doggy Daycare your dog can dig in our sandpits, play in the doggy pool, have a friendly game of tag, roll around on the grass, or simply have a snooze under a shady tree. Healthy snacks are available throughout the day.

Why should I choose Doggy Daycare?

A wonderful interlude to the week or a great way to introduce your dog to boarding. Guests enjoy social interaction with other dogs of similar temperament. Playtime and cuddles are enjoyed throughout the day with an afternoon nap to ensure no over arousal.

What are the Opening Hours?

7:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm Saturday and Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.

Are there optional extras available?

Scent work, walks, pool splash and spa baths.

What is a Typical Day?

7.30am: Drop off
8am - 12pm: Playtime, free time and a complimentary extra
12pm - 2pm: Lunch, afternoon nap
2pm - 4:30pm: Playtime, free time and a complimentary extra
4pm - 5pm: Pick up

How much does Doggy Day Care cost?

$45 per day for socialised dogs
$35 per ½ day for socialised dogs
$70 per ½ day for dogs who don’t play well with others.
$90 per day for dogs who don’t play well with others

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What Our Clients Have to Say

My dog loves going to Calabash! Whether for daycare or boarding, as soon as we get to the entrance of the property, he starts to get excited and will run towards the door when we drop him off and doesn't even notice we're leaving. We tried many kennels and pet care solution and Calabash is certainly one we know we can rely on to look after our furbaby and provide high-quality care and activities

Thank you Calabash and all the team! For his first Kennel stay, Sunny had a wonderful time. Thank you for the pictures that were posted, and your outstanding care, which as always was great. He looked very happy with his doggy mates. When he arrived home, he was all ready for a rest, after a busy fun holiday.

Your facility was highly recommended by the man who was training Chess and we have been absolutely delighted with the experience. From our first contact with you personally we have been thoroughly impressed with your professionalism and helpfulness. Chess has attended day care twice and boarded over a weekend. Each time he has been excited to be there and happy when I have picked him up. It is also great to get feedback from Dani on how Chess fitted in and interacted with other dogs. We will definitely be using your services again.

Very grateful to have been recommended Calabash from a friend, as we have found a safe and happy place to leave Razzle for a holiday when she can't join our holiday. It's such a hard thing leaving your pet, but they receive amazing care, and we get regular updates to keep my mind at ease. Thank you to the wonderful staff!

Our puppy had an awesome 10 day stay in the Toto suite. We have him booked in for another 10 days. He came home with behaviour intact and healthy. We all felt very comfortable and reassured we have a holiday home for our little mate.

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