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June 26, 2023
Debbie Coleman from ALLSORTS Dog Behaviour & Training Services

Often when we think of dog sports, we imagine fast and fit Border collies flying around an agility arena jumping over and through obstacles…. Wow… but we could never do that as we look down at our fury friend oblivious to our thoughts and potentially desires.

Well, let me announce to the pet dog world that ‘Dog Sports aren’t just for performance dogs!’

There is a growing range of dog’s sports out there now to cater for all dogs, sizes, and shapes, even all ages and of course all people too. 

Scent work (every dog has a nose!)

Rally Obedience (lap up your leash skills)

Hoopers (easy on the joints)

Agility (challenging but so much fun)

Flyball (for the fast and furious dogs)

Tracking (man hunt time!)

Lure coursing (go the sight hounds)

Real Herding or Herding games (for our OCD herding dogs of course)

Tricks (everything you teach them is just a trick!) 

Barn Hunting (a terrier’s dream)

Dock Diving(for the swimmers)

and many more!

And as an added bonus you don’t have to start as a puppy but can join fun activities at any age! Even if your dog isn’t the most social, some places like ours can offer private lesson so you both can still benefit. 

There are sports now that cater for all breeds, ages and it’s not just for the competitive, simply to enjoy time with your friend and develop a bond like you wouldn’t believe. Participating in these types of activities can increased the quality of your relationship and communication with our dog. 

Bonus benefits of dog sports.

  • Burning off energy in constructive ways. ... 
  • Not just burning off physical energy but burning off mental energy or providing mental stimulation. ... the sequencing in courses exercises a dog's mind, giving them opportunities to learn and solve problems.
  • Enjoying each other’s company. ... 
  • Satisfying your dog’s genetic needs, herding games for the working dogs, lure coursing for the sight hounds, scent work for the sniffers!
  • Making new friends. ... 
  • Learning more about your dog.
  • Improves communication and teamwork between you and your dog, there is a huge amount of non-verbal work and learning to ready body language, and it goes both ways. 
  • It improves a dog’s overall behaviour …. yep, that’s right!
  • The athletic challenge of some sports can keep a dog fit, helps prevent obesity, increases endurance, and strengthens bones and joints. 
  • Gets you both out in a safe environment, adding enrichment to their day way beyond a walk around the streets. 
  • A mentally satisfied dog is a less destructive dog; dog sports may indirectly help with other areas of your dog’s life. 
  • No matter what sport you will learn consistency in your training, which can flow into everyday life. 
  • Many more…. ;-)

Whether it’s sniffing for a hidden hide, racing under hoops and tunnels, over a dog walk, racing after a luring rag, jumping into a pool, or sequencing through challenging obedience signs with a little searching there is a sport out there waiting for you and your friend to try!

This little golden goes without saying…. “Tired dogs are good dogs!”.

Debbie Coleman 

ALLSORTS Dog Behaviour & Training Services

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