What to expect when you’re expecting a puppy

June 25, 2023
Calabash Kennels

Did you know… most mistakes are made in the early stages of having a puppy?

Training your new puppy starts with your very first interaction with them.

If you want to raise a confident, outgoing puppy, it’s important to not to wait until puppy class to learn these essential skills. In fact most of this course content is only touched on in puppy class.

If we can get it right early, then surviving puppyhood is a walk in the park. (Just not the dog park)

Think of my online course as the equivalent to pre-natal classes before you have a baby. 

Come and learn everything from; how to have your home set , what you need for the ultimate puppy set up, for a house and apartment! We also cover toilet training, biting, socialisation and so much more! 

Training and good habits begin the day you bring you puppy home. Even if you start the course after your puppy comes home you will be avoiding major issues down the track.

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