The importance of grooming

June 19, 2023
Kelly at Noycedogs Professional Grooming

Dogs are known for the loyalty they give us, for unconditional love, companionship and playfulness. They quickly become a family member, and it is our responsibility to take care of them. One of the essential aspects of dog care is grooming. Regular grooming not only keeps your dog clean and healthy, it also can strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Regular grooming sessions help to remove dirt, tangles and matted fur along with trimming nails and cleaning ears all for the comfort and health of the dog. These are things our friends can't physically do for themselves so we as a dog's friend, carer and owners have to step in. Whether your dog is a trimmed breed or not it is important to still groom your dog thoroughly to keep it comfortable throughout the year. Grooming is part of your dog’s health care and should be done routinely like brushing your own hair.

Many dog owners may find that their dog doesn't love being brushed at home however with perseverance and lots of positive reinforcement dogs do come around to enjoying their groom time. Starting them off in the right direction as puppies in their learning phase is really important even if it starts in small increments like brushing for only 5 mins a day to start, this is setting your dog up for successful grooming situations in the future.

Your dog certainly deserves the best grooming experience so grooming early on and regularly will benefit you and your dog as she/he reaches maturity.

Grooming not only improves the physical appearance, but it is also not just about how the dog looks. It is also about promoting good health, regular grooming sessions allow you to detect any health issues early on. You or your groomer will be able to spot any lumps, bumps, or skin irritations that could be signs of underlying health issues that you can then point out to your veterinarian.

Grooming also prevents the buildup of bacteria, which can cause infections/ Regular brushing helps to distribute the natural oils in the dog's coat, which then promotes a healthy shiny coat that you and your furry friend will be proud of. Grooming also reduces the risk of parasites like fleas and ticks that can be a common problem. Finding parasites early is of utmost importance and with regular grooming if parasites are found and you can take the steps to get rid of them.

Grooming is a very important step to showing your dog your love and affection spending quality time with each other giving you both the opportunity to bond this for anxious dogs or new dogs to a home as sometimes it can help them become calm and have more trust in you. Dog grooming whether you do it yourself at home or seek the help from a professional groomer  is an essential aspect of dog care that should not be overlooked. It has many benefits for you and your best friend.

Dogs don't judge us, they love us unconditionally. They fulfil all their duties as our companions and are always there when we need them. Dogs deserve to have a good life where we provide the essential care for them.

So, get that brush out and truly appreciate the benefits of grooming.

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